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The showdown

It’s September 15, we’re hanging to a 1 game lead in the AL East, and guess who’s coming to town? The dreaded BoSox. Our last trip ever to Yankee stadium didn’t go as planned. We were so close to winning both games of that double header, just as Boston almost lost both of there’s. We would have been 4 games up…but now, just one. We lost 2 of 3, but the great news is David Price made his major league debut. Could he be that extra edge we need to hold on to the east? Only time will tell.

I’m chewing my nails. I’m pacing the office. I’ve drank about 10 cups of coffee. This is what September baseball is about. But I just keep thinking 9=8. That’s right, 9=8. No I didn’t flunk math (well Calculus yes, but not math in general.) What 9=8 means is “Nine players playing nine innings together to become one of the eight teams in the playoffs.” None other than the mighty Joe Maddon said that. And we’re so close to having that come true.

At the begining of the year I callled a Cubs/Rays World series. It’s still possible. I’m counting on us holding on to the east, facing off vs. the White Sox for the ALDS, then facing the Angels in the ALCS. Then the cubs. Of course I’m just a crazy seadog who loves baseball, snausages, and chasing cars…but it could happen! We’ll just have to se. October awaits! In the mascot community we’re picking our favorite playoff mascot. I naturally voted for myself as did SouthPaw for the White Sox. But we all agree on one thing, no one wants to see Wally get his 3rd ring in five years. Everyone hates that guy!

So Rays fans, cross your fingers, buckle down, and remember 9=8. We can do it!