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What does it take to be #1?

It takes being the Tampa Bay Rays. That’s what it takes!

I haven’t been slacking off my my blogging, I’ve just been too busy watching the Rays win! Let me just summarize some of the things that we’ve done…swept the Red Sox, Blue Jays, Angels, Orioles, reached 30 wins faster than any other year in history, became the first team to have the best record in the majors after having the worst (by memorial day) since 1900, Evan Longoria has become everything we knew he’d be, Kaz is off the DL an rattled off 10 K’s on Monday, BJ and Crawford are competing to see who can make the most Sports Center worthy catches, our bull pen is frigging AMAZING, Percival is a king among men, we’ve been at the top of the AL too many times to count, AND THAT’S WHERE WE ARE NOW. And we’re only tied with the Cubs for the BEST RECORD IN BASEBALL!

I’m calling it now, Rays/Cubs World series. Or maybe Rays/Marlins? It’s nice to see that we’re not the only team in Florida rocking the MLB. I really can’t wait for our interleague series vs. the fish. And the Cubs! How about that for interleague competition. Bring it!

In mascot news, I have my Fur-turnity party on April 20th. My buddies Rangers Captain (Texas Rangers), Thunderbug (Lightning), Stanley (Florida Panthers), Rocky (USF), Staley (Chicago Bears), TD (Miami Dolphins), and Albert/Alberta (UF) came to join in the hilarity. We did a lot of dancing, ran into problems with the security guards, and set an attack banana loose on some law enforcement. Good times good times. Make sure to come to my birthday party on June 22. My budies Ace, Lou Seal, TD, and Stanley are scheduled to be here.

Well next up is a 4 games series vs the central leading White Sox. I’m looking forward to beating my lil buddy Ozzie. Then it’s off to Bean town. We better do better than last time! After that it’s texas, and yours truly will be in Texas. I’ll be messing with it. I’m going to help Rangers Captain celebrate his mascot day. Awesome.