And that’s why they’re the defending World Series champs. That was truly unbelievable. It ruined what was possibly one of our greatest games ever. BJ homers in the first off Dice-k who held us scoreless the last time he faced us. Longo homers, Pena homers, Kaz throws a gem, what more could you ask for? Well, for Papi not to knock one out. That’s what I would ask for.

Ugh. Ugh. Ugh. I can’t believe we were 2 1/2 innings away from our first ever World Series berth, and it slipped away. Unbelievable. I got a call this morning from Slider from the Cleveland Indians. He went through last year’s Red Sox comeback. He pointed out that unlike the Indians last year, we’re heading back home to homefield advantage. I hope all the Rays fans realize how much they matter and make sure to yell and shout. It’s the Pit. Make sure those Red Sox know it.

Keep the faith Rays fans. See you at the Trop tomorrow night.

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    Not to sure what you are trying to say..I mean is it or is it not.

    Anyhow I know I am rambling but try to see it from someone reading it the first time without thinking about it first.
    Luwow Goldman

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