The best team in baseball

Who is the best team in baseball? The Cubs? No. Angels? No. Red Sox? No. Yankees? Ha ha ha, NO! It’s the Tampa Bay Rays. Who would have thought that come September 2nd, the Rays would be the best in baseball? Well other than me. I’ve known this team was good for a long time. I knew it in Spring Training. You could just feel the difference…everywhere. It was just a vibe. You knew something big was on the horizon. Those first few months everyone kept saying “Yea you’re doing good, but talk to us in October.” Well folks, October is 28 days away. I’ll be more than happy to talk to you then!


We’re taking on the New York Yankees tonight. I expect it to be a great series. The Yanks are 12 games back, but I don’t expect them to go down without a fight. After that we’re on the road, facing off vs. Toronto, Boston, and NY again. Our September includes 6 games vs. the Yankees, 6 games vs the Red Sox, and 4 vs. the tied for first place in the AL Central Twins. Nothing will be easy, and I know the Rays won’t take anything for granted. We have what it takes to win big and battle back. Our pitchers are solid, our in and outfield is unbelievable, and the bats have finally woken up. We haven’t missed a beat dispite missing three All Stars (Carl Crawford, Evan Longoria, Troy Percival.) You should join the Ray-vilution.

Other than being awesome, I got a chance to take a vacation. I was just up in Chicago for the weekend scouting out the Cubs and White Sox. The Cubs…blah. they don’t even have a mascot. Just some dork in a rented bear suit begging for tips. Get a job! Wrigley is a cool field though. I had never been there before. It was neat to get to hang out with baseball fans from all over the country who were not Cubs fans but checking out Wrigley. On Sunday I visited SouthPaw at the White Sox game. He was having his mascot day, but yours truly wasn’t allowed to participate in the festivities. The Sox weren’t too keen on having the opposing team mascot on th efield. I know they didn’t want to expose their fans to an awesome mascot like me, so I understand. I’m sure Ozzie had something to do with my ban. He hates me! All in all it was a good time, but I just have to say A.J. Pierznski was out!!!!!!


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