The first day of the second half

americanleague_small.jpgIts July 18, WELCOME TO THE SECOND HALF! This seadog is seriously tired. Why am I tired? Well, rooting on the most exciting team in baseball is hard. There’s been so many exciting wins…walk off home runs…9th inning bullpen heroics…sweeps…if I had a voice it’d be gone from cheering so much. I’m also tired from staying up late watcing the all star game. Yep, yours truly was up in New York rooting on our three Rays all stars. All of the MLB mascots were up in NYC, even Homer from the Braves, who has been MIA for several years. We worked the DHL Fan Fest, held a mascot home run derby (I made it to the finals but lost to that darn bear from Minnesota T.C.), performed a skit on All Star Sunday, and ran on the field for introductions at the Home run derby. It was quite a sight to hear Wally the green monster get booed by the NY faithful. We had a fun time getting heckled by the bleacher creatures as we awaited out introductions. My favorite line “Hey Homer, Mr.Met called, he wants his head back!” Every mascot was subject to some jeer, except Bernie Brewer, because as they chanted “Bernie makes beer!”

redcarpet_small.jpgAs a part of the festivities, we took part in the Red Carpet parade through the city. I strutted my stuff from the countless paparazzi. At one point I was literally surrounded by cameras. It’s good to know that in a city of so many stars, a big blue fuzzball commands A-list attention. It was so much fun hanging out with my MLB mascot buddies. Most of us only get to see each other one or two times a year, so we make the most of our time together. We went to Yankees games, Mets games, and even Broadway (I liked Spamalot better than Mary Poppins!).

We start the second half vs the Blue Jays. Hopefully we can put an end to our uncharateristic losing streak (hey, can’t be perfect forever!) Who would have thought that by July 18 the Rays would be only a .5 game out of first in the AL East and gunning for October? I did actually. Never underestimate the awesomeness of the Rays! 

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