It’s on!

The boys of summer are back! And the seadog of summer is back too! I’ve been sooooo super busy. On a sad note, we played our last game at Al Lang Stadium. I loved that place. It was the field where I went from behind some wet behind the ears mascot to a world class entertainer! Mascots need spring training too, you know! I had to sweat off the extra pounds I gained in the offseason, and get my arm back in T-Shirt tossing mode. Its also a great time to “catch some rays!”

Ha ha ha. Get it? Rays? As in “get a tan” and Rays as in “us.” How clever I am. I’m a pun master. Opening day came and went. It was awesome. Especially the pyro. Fire and baseball. Great mix. The crowds have been great and I’m having a great time dancing to the music. You should come to a game, come see me in action, buy some nachos, you know, the usual.

I’d write more, but I’m tired, hungry, have a cold, have to go do an appearance, and we’re playing the O’s tonight.  

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