I brought it back!!


It’s the new year and check out the new me! Super sexy! Yeah, I brought it back. I don’t know what the heck Justin Timberlake is talking about. It’s alllllllll me.

The new year is here and its only a couple of weeks until pitchers and catchers report. Woo hoo! I’ve gotten tired of the off season. Who wants to wake up at noon, roll into the office around 1, go to lunch at 2, then go home at 3 every day? Who wants to ditch marketing meetings and go scuba diving for lobsters in the keys? Not me! I can’t wait to get back to working full steam. Its awesome! I’m the oly mascot who’s fortunate enough to get to work every single spring training game. That’s because our spring training is right down the field from the Trop. We play at Al Lang Field. It’s an awesome historic ball park on the water. It’s our last spring training there as we’re moving to Port Charlotte next year. I was all sad about leaving Al Land because that is the best place to watch a ball game, but then I found out that our new ball park is supposed to be built right there! Do you know how awesome our new ball park will be? Awesome times five, no 7, no awesome times infinity! That’s pretty awesome…just like me.

Fan fest is February 23. Will you be there?? I will! That makes you want to come now, doesn’t it? Getting a chance to meet me, IN PERSON! How cool is that? Cooler than a penguin at the south poll eating a popsicle. THAT’S HOW COOL!

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