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What was that? Oh, just me hitting my head on the keyboard. Its days like these I wish I had picked any other team to start a rivalry with other than the Red Sox. I look forward to a next year’s unrelentless taunting and bragging from the Nation. Oh joy!

But, in other more important news, on November 8th we are unveiling our new logo. We’re having oscar winning actor Kevin Costner and his band out to promote the launch of our new logo. You can read all about it by clicking HERE . It will be awesome. Just about as awesome as Carlos Pena being named the comback player of the year!

Many people have asked, with the logo change, is the mascot going to change too? Heck no! The Rays mascot has been, and always will be, ME IN ALL MY AWESOMENESS! However, to make sure I stay fashionable with the new look, I have hired a stylist and fashion designer to make sure I am the hippest sea dog this side of Seattle. We’re talking about dyeing my fur for a more regal look, rethinking my shoes to make them more mobile, and adding a little twinkle to my eyes. I’m going to look so good! I know you’ve having a hard time thinking of a way that I could get even better looking, but it’ll happen. Make sure you check out my new look on November 8th 2007. And in the meantime, check out http://www.raysofchange.com/ !


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