Go Barney! I mean Dinger

Yes I haven’t posted in awhile. I know. I know you’ve had to find ways to fill the time you used to spend reading my blog. I’m sure by now you are a great knitter, gardener, or bowler. I bet you know exactly how many dots there are on your ceiling. Perhaps you read some literary classics like "Moby ****" and "Great Expectations" to pass the time. Just think, by me not writing a blog you’ve become a better person…some how.

Dingersmall Anyways! Back to wasting time surfing the internet and reading what a smurf looking sea dog has to say! And I have to say: GO DINGER!!! I can’t believe my purple dinosaur little buddy is going to the World Series! I know Baxter the bobcat is kinda cheesed, but he already has a ring so forget him. Go scratch your post, sniff your cat nip, drink a saucer of nice milk and sit back and watch the World Series! I couldn’t help but noticed Dinger’s spectacular behind the plate antics in the Wild Card playoff game. He put the whammy on the other team so hard it still hasn’t worn off!

As far as the Red Sox and Indians, my money’s on the Indian’s. I’d love nothing more than for the Slide-man (that’s Slider their mascot) to make a World Series appearance. Plus, Red Sox nation,I loath you. Congrats on your AL east crown and all. Only took 9 years. Hopefully that’s all you’ll be celebrating.

Other than that, I’ve done a lot! This weekend I held a clinic for the national champion Gatorssmall Florida Gators’ mascots. I gave them lessons in being awesome! Of course they can’t be as awesome as me, but now they at least know how to dance like me. There’s a lot more to being a mascot than you’d think. It’s an art form really. Kinda like acting ‘cept the stage is huge, there’s projectiles flying at you, and inebriated opposing team fans try to pummel you. I don’t think Brad Pitt has to deal with that when he’s acting, but hey, he’s not as hot as me so I’m sure people just leave him alone.

On August 26th, 2007 we celebrated my birthday in style. We had over 15 mascots from across the country at Tropicana Field. There was Billy/Florida Marlins, Stomper/A?s, Wally/Red Sox, Parrot/Pittsburg Pirates, Wool E Bull/Durham Bulls, Phinley/Clearwater Threshers, Thunderbug/Tampa Bay Lightning, Thrash/Atlanta Thrashers, Stormy/Carolina Hurricanes, Stuff/Orlando Magic, Harry/Atlanta Hawks, Ozzie/University of North Florida, Sebastien/University of Miami, and of course Albert and Alberta from the University of Floirda. We played a massive game of mascot musical chairs, did a group mascot dance, and Stomper even did some awesome beat boxing. Even manager Joe Maddon got in the act for my House Party video (click on the links to watch the videos!) It was the most awesome mascot party?EVER!Raymondsbdaygroupsmall

That?s it for now. I?ll be back soon. I promise!

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