Raymond Bobby?

So things didn’t work out as planned in New York yesterday. Still, Kaz pitched a solid game and how about Dukes??? His first Major League hit is a home run! Welcome to the big leagues big guy! I can’t wait until the guys get home. Only three more days. We’re going to stomp the Jays!

Racecarsmall Last Thursday I had a crazy day. The St. Pete indy car grand prix was in town for their annual race. They actually close off parts of downtown St.Pete and let the indy cars drive around the streets. You can actually hear the cars zooming around miles away from the track. It’s a great way to wake up every morning.

In order to help promote the race, the organizers arranged to have everyone’s favorite seadog get in a car. I ****** in my belly and squeezed into the back seat of the indy car. This special double seater was a promotional car that only went about 1/2 of the regular cars’ speed (about 110). We drove around downtown waving at people. They wre pretty surpised to see a big blue thing driving around town. I even wore my special racing suit for the day. I kept saying "I wanna go fast!" but they wouldn’t let me. Something about safety.

If you think a dog in a race car is crazy, you should keep a look out Tampa Bay. Yours truly is hitting the bay in our Rays boat to promote opening day. I’ll be cruising along various spots in the bay every day, even opening day! I’m hoping we don’t discover my floatability factor. I’m pretty sure it’s 0%.If you see me, make sure to honk!


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