Opening_day_copy Spring training is ALMOST over! Well, the hardest part, playing outdoors, is over. I can’t tell you how tough it is going from a cool, constant 72 degrees in the dome to 90 plus degree heat outdoors! I’ll admit it, I’m a pampered pooch. Stars like me weren’t meant to sweat!

We have one more home spring training game, but it’s at Tropicana Field. Dome sweet dome! You all should come to the last spring training game on March 31st. You can get a sneak peek at all of the new stuff in the stadium. Just wait till you see the new video boards. We’re in high definition now! Just imagine, you’ll be able to see baseball’s best mascot projected to king kong proportions on the video board (and it’s not a "Jumbotron." Apparently Jumbotron went out of business awhile ago. We have "DIAMONDvision." Sounds sassy to me!)

Since spring training is almost over, that means only one thing….COUNT DOWN TO OPENING DAY!!!! There’s only 9 days, 10 hours, 55 minutes and 42..41..40..39…seconds until opening day! March 6, 2007 at 7:10pm vs. the Blue Jays! It’ll be super spectacular! Get your tickets now! Actually, get your tickets from me. I’m way behind on the opening day "sell a thon" we’re all participating in.

And as is opening day wasn’t enough, the very next day is our 10th season tribute. All fans in attendance get a minature version of Tropicana Field. Its pretty awesome. Its makes a great paper weight. It’s also good for chucking at impertinent interns who refuse to go pick up my dry cleaning and skinny mocha latte (light foam.)

AND AS IS THAT WASN’T ENOUGH…..on April 8, 2007 is the 2nd annual MASCOT MANIA! I’m having over 10 local mascots attend and have even invited out the world famous Zooperstars ( to come celebrate. The first 7,500 kids through the doors get their very own minature stuffed version of me! Their very own Ramond doll! What else could a kid dream for?

Well, I’ll write as soon as I can. I’m just so excited. I mean there’s just 9 days, 10 hours, 53 minutes and 44…43..42..41..40..39……..

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