Just bear-ly

So last weekend we did the Gasparilla Day parade. Pretty exciting to get in front of 400,000 plus pirates partying! I had a great time shaking my groove thing on the hood of our newly redesigned Hummer. I even accomplished my one parade goal: DON’T FALL OFF THE FLOAT!!! Since I already fell off the out field wall, I’d rather not take any more plunges off high things.

Staley_graphic3 This weekend was Super fun. My good friend Staley Da Bear was down south for a little thing called the Super Bowl. I drove down to Miami to hang out with everyone’s favorite bear (forget you Pooh!) I also wanted to see this "Super Bowl." To my dismay, it wasn’t a bowl at all! I thought it would be some giant bowl filled with seadog chow, snausages, or at least a few hot dogs…but nooooo. It’s actually a reference to a football game. I can’t eat footballs, so what good is that?

Staley and I spent Friday night cruising along South Beach…looking for a place to park!! It was total chaos! We had to park a $20 can ride away from South Beach, just to get in. After wandering the streets some more, we picked a happening spot to eat pizza while watching the beach. There was plenty of entertainment provided by the diverse plethora of people on SoBo that night! Call me crazy, but I’ll take the Tampa Bay Area anyday! No Miami Vice for me!

So the Super Bowl didn’t turn out as Staley expected it. Before you say "Poor Staley" let it be known that that bulbous bear is on a flight to Hawaii. Nothing says "Sorry you lost the Super Bowl" like an all expense paid week long trip to Hawaii. Darn Pro Bowl. Why can’t we have the All Star game in Hawaii? I mean, I’m looking forward to San Francisco this year and New York next year, but still….Hawaii????

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