I’m baaaaacccckkk!!!

Guess who’s back? Back again? Raymond’s back. Tell a friend! Yes I’m back in 2007 and I’m starting the year off in style. This past Saturday we participated in the Gasparilla children’s parade. Its a 1.4 mile parade down beautiful dontown Tampa’s Bayshore boulevard. There’s nothing like a parade on the water! I even saw a couple of rays swimming happily in the ocean. I tried to recruit them for our rays pet tank, but they weren’t cownose rays, so they thought they’d have a problem fitting in. Oh well!

Paradecrowd There were over 200,000 people in attendance at the parade. It took us almsot 3 hours to drive the parade route. We tossed out thousands of Tampa Bay Devil Rays beads, and the even better looking Raymond beads. We were the only area sports team to have a presence in the parade, and I was the only mascot I saw braving the hot temperature and crazed crowds. Tomorrow we have the Gasparilla Day Parade. That parade is 3 miles long (twice as long for you math majors) and attracts over 500,000 people. I know they say people come for the beads, but come on, you know they’re coming for the chance to see the world’s cutest Seadog.

Well, happy 2007 people! You have a whole ‘nother year of my witty posts and deliteful anecdotes to look forward to. I bet that makes your day that much brighter!

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