Mascots galore…and more!

Well, our home season ended this Monday with a not so spectacular loss to the Yankees. But I think we evened things out with that 11-0 schlacking of the Red Sox last night. Nine runs in the 7th…nice!

Mascotsalumnismall2_1 Now that things have slowed down at home I can recap my month’s worth of adventures. On August 18th we had our college Alumni night. I invited out as many Florida college mascots as I could. We had Albert and Alberta from the University of Florida, Rocky from the University of South Florida, Sparticus from the University of Tampa, and Knightro from the University of Central Florida. As you can see I am clearly the best looking dude in the group.

The next day Ace from the Blue Jays, Captain from the Rangers, Screech from the Nationals, Dinger from the Rockies, and Wool E Bull from the Durham bulls came to town. They were there for my world renowed "Mascot Mania!" On Saturday we visited a children’s hospital. The kids just loved seeing us fun fuzzy dudes. The next day we were out an hour before the game signing autographs. We were so popular we actually had to cut off the line! I hated to turn any fan away, but thats the problem with being a star!

During the game my friends and I did a little dance. You can click HERE to see it.


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