Mascot Hall of Fame

Well it was nice seeing the Red Sox again, and it was nice winning the series vs. them as well. Can you believe Norton’s blast to win the game? This Whatthefluffalus was super happy!

I’m leaving for Philly on Sunday. The Mascot Hall of Fame ( is having their second induction ceremony. From the professional ranks, The Utah Jazz Bear, K.C. Wolf from the Kansas City Chief’s, and Clutch from the Houston Rockets are going in the hall. Extra congrats to Clutch…he’s always been a big source or inspiration to me (translated to "I rip off his skits all the time!")

Since the ceremony is on August 15th, I won’t be able to make it back in time for the game on Tuesday night! Since Wool E Bull is going to be at the ceremony and Big Moe from the Biscuits has a game, we’re calling up Chatter, the mascot for our single A Visalia Oaks. It’ll be the first time a Single A mascot gets the call up to the big leagues. Enjoy his nuttiness!

I’ll be sure to take a ton of pictures in Philly, but until then, enjoy these two videos.

"Raymond loses more than his shirt"

"Raymond requests a slow dance"

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