Mascot Mayhem

Nothing quite like beating the best team in baseball. No I’m not talking about that 19-7 spanking of the Yankees on Saturday (not to be confused with their 19-1 spanking by the Indians on July 4th, ha). I’m talking about the Detroit Tigers. They’re 70-35. And we beat them. Sweet!

Raybird For our July 21-23 series vs. Baltimore my pal the Orioles Bird was in town. The first night we had a dance off, which you can see by clicking HERE . He got served. The next night was a real treat. Down 3-0 we scored 10 runs in the 5th. Who knew they’d come back and score 9 in the 7th?? The game wasn’t even in the 8th inning and it was approaching my bedtime. I threw on my jammies and went out to watch the remainder of the game. I think it was the longest 9 inning game this season at 4 hours and 9 minutes. Good times.

Next up the Angels. They’re a fun team to play with. Juan Rivera is a punk though. Throws water at me, but when I come out with my super soaker, he’s no where to be seen. As soon as I put my water gun down and turn my back, he steals it, then shoots me with it. What did I say? Punk move huh? Oh well, at least someone on the Angels loves me —> KISS CAM VIDEO

Three more games vs. the Tigers, then it’s three vs. the Red Sox. Wicked Awesome. I think I’ll watch "Fever Pitch" to get prepared. Nah I’m, just kidding, that movie stinks. Oh and how about your boy Ben Affleck? Ha ha. Admit it, he’s a Yankees fan. I mean, he was dating J-Lo and she’s admittedly from da Bronx. If that was Nasty Nobbs he would have caught the ball, and then put the other player in a full nelson. Let’s have Nasty Nobbs take on Ben Afleck in a celebrity spokes-fan cage match. Anyone?

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    Hey Raymond! I really enjoy your blog… just found it the other night and it’s quite funny! Love all the little in-jokes. I was at that long Saturday game vs. the Orioles and thought your PJs were cute! Keep up the good work… and that patented butt shimmy. 🙂

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