Phun in Philly…and more

Wow, I have done so much in these past few weeks. On June 16 I ventured up to the city of brotherly love to see the Rays make their first ever appearance in Citizen’s Bank park. As soon as I checked in to my hotel I was off on a mission… to find the best cheese steak in Philadelphia. Rumor had it that it was a place called Tony Luke’s. I have to agree! There’s nothing like a cheesesteak with real cheese Whiz in it.

After my nutritious meal it was off to the ball park. The Phanatic was a great host who gave me a behind the scenes tour of the park. I even got to see the legendary "bathtub of the Phanatic." You see, when they were building the new ball park they asked the green guy what he wanted in his room. He asked for a bathtub because Phoebe was tired of pulling giant green hairballs out of their tub at home. Personally I would have asked for a Jacuzzi with 24 carat gold faucets, a massage table, a Swedish masseuse who fed me Swedish fish, and no less than 5 flat screen TV’s…but that Phanatic, he’s a humble guy.

During the game we performed a fun little skit. During the start of he 5th inning, the Rays were ahead 7-0. As I got into position for the end of the 5th, the Phillies managed to put 3 runs on the board, but needles to say the Phillie Phans weren’t phappy right then. At the end of the 5th their announcer simply said "Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the mascot of the Tampa Bay Devil Rays, Raymond."

I don’t know if you’ve ever been booed by 36,000 Phillies fans, but it’s something else. The sound guy played "Everybody Dance Now" so I proceeded to show those phans my sweet dance moves. The Phanatic was nowhere to be seen. He wanted me to marinate in the boos. At some point, he snuck up behind me, and gave my fur a mighty tug. Wouldn’t you know, it all came right off! I was left running around in my boxers. I’ll have to show you a picture. I’ll post it as soon as I get it.

After Philly I came back to our interleague series vs. the Diamondbacks. We swept them. Thanks for coming.

Leisure_suit_1 Then it was time for the Braves series. I was looking forward to this weekend because on Saturday night we had our Turn Back the Clock night. The Rays were decked out in 70’s styles "Tampa Tarpons" jerseys while the Braves wore these sassy baby blue uniforms.I wore my custom designed Lesiure Suit. How hot am I?

As if that all wasn’t enough, this past Monday I drove down to South Florida to visit my buddy Billy The Marlin. The Rays were playing our interstate rival, so I thought it would be a great time to talk to Billy and hear his great fish tales. He took me out to a great Cuban Restaurant for lunch. we both ordered the Picadillo. I don’t know exactly what "Picadillo" means, but I’m pretty sure it’s Spanish for "Yummy!" Don’t quote me on that Dora.

I hung out with Billy on Tuesday as well. We had a dance off and I again lost my fur (I’m so creative!) I took a few days off to rest. Starting today we have four games vs. the Red Sox and their wicked awesome fans. Then it’s three Yankees games. I hop on a jet plane and go to Pittsburgh right after the game Sunday to start the All Star Festivities. Right after the All Star game I’m heading down to Durham to visit our Triple A Bulls.

And you thought the life of a mascot was all fluff, bellies, and hot dogs. It’s hard work being this good looking! I’ll try to write reports during the Boston Series. I’ll definitely do updates during the All Star week. Until then…

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