Beans and Bricks

So I’m back from my mini vacation. I had three days to take in all that Boston had to offer. I enjoyed visiting the museums, riding the duck boats, and eating their delicious beans. Saturday night I just sat back and watched the game. I never get a chance to watch the boys at home because I’m too busy giving out high fives and hugs (it’s hard being a star), so I have to take road trips just to watch games. On Sunday I met up with my buddy Wally to see how they do things at Fenway. He showed me his dressing room (mine’s bigger!), his sweet chair that he uses for his autograph session, and the most important thing…press dining! They had 6 different types of pie. What else can a seadog ask for? Maybe a victory or two…I guess I’m not the Rays lucky charm on the road!

After Boston I jetted on down to Baltimore, land of crabcakes. The O-Bird picked me up at the airport and we were off! We checked out the ESPN zone by the water (I kicked his tail feathers in air hockey) and ate a bunch of sushi. I think sushi is a bird thing because I like hotdogs, or food that’s at least been cooked. He showed me around Camden Yards and the Warehouse. I have to tell you…lots of bricks. Bricks everywhere! But I didn’t fly from Boston to Baltimore for the bricks, I went there for baseball! Too bad we lost. It was great getting see a ballpark I’d never been to before and to visit my pal the O-Bird. The bird was a great host, even if he doesn’t carry bags or open doors for people.

Tomorrow I’m off to Kansas City for Slugerrr’s birthday. Me, Billy the Marlin, Mariner Moose, Mr. Met, Rangers Captain, and the Phanatic will all be on hand to celebrate Slugerrr’s 10th birthday. I was looking over the game schedule and can you believe…they have me going up against the Phanatic in a dance off! Me, vs the dean of baseball mascots??? That’s so unfair! I’ll try to make you proud Rays fans, but I think the Phanatic is going to smoke me! I mean, he’s been dancing on dugouts since 78! His world series ring is older than me!

Wish me luck! I’ll write when I get back!


  1. Raymond

    Yea, I saw Baxter in Toronto last July and I’ll be seeing him at the all star game in Pittsburg next month.


    What other mascots are goinng to the allstar game?ARe you going?Nice blog.


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