I messed with Texas

Well isn?t this special?I?m actually doing an entry without a whole month going by. I just had to write because things have been pretty exciting. It was great watching the Rays beat Boston on the April 20. It was even better seeing Gomes knock two over the green monster. The first one was pretty sweet, but the second one? That was plain awesome. As of today, our very own Jonny Gomes is tied for second in baseball for home runs with 11, a mere 3 home runs behind the leader, Pujols. Baseball fans better recognize! And how about Seth McClung pitching vs the Yankees last week? Battled through five solid innings. Then the rest of the pitching staff came and battled as well. Great game to watch!We just got done with the Red Sox and Rangers. That Sox series was fun to watch. Too bad we came up just short of sweeping them. How about dem apples!When Texas was in town I offered Mench some new shoes. They were my size 22 sneakers. I think they’d actually fit.

In between all this great baseball was my first ever trip to Ameriquest Field in Arlington. This past weekend, I joined my buddy Rangers Captain for some mascot fun. As soon as I got off the plane we had to film a video skit. I?d try to describe it to you, but I won?t do it justice. I?m trying to have the tech wizards put it online so everyone can see.


During the first game we had a silly string duel to see who had the fastest draw in the AL. The two of us were back to back, took five paces away, turned, and fired. Captain?s can didn?t work, so I got him good. I was pretty sure I had won until he pulled out his 6-can-silly string shooter. Judging from the picture, I think he beat me.

The next nightRangers3_1 we tried to get fans to come up on the dugout and dance. They   were all pretty reluctant. Then we found a cotton candy vendor with some rhythm. After he started dancing, he left his whole tray of cotton candy unattended. That’s  when I had the brilliant idea to donate the candy to the entire crowd. I don?t think that vendor was too pleased.

On Sunday, Captain, the ushers and I danced on the dugout. We did a nice little 4-step to Will Smith?s ?Getting Jiggy with It.? I don?t know about you, but I?m pretty darn jiggy with it. Rangers4 It was a fun time all around (they have really good toast in Texas), but I?m just glad that I wasn?t visiting in mid-July. It was hot enough in April! I just missed the 103 degree days?darn. Working outside makes me appreciate playing ball indoors. Dome sweet dome!

That?s all for now! Just remember, whenever you play with horses, watch where you step!

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