posting part deux


What happened to the off season? Everything kicked into full gear with our Fan Fest on February 18. It was insane! I spent over 3 hours hanging with the Tampa Bay faithful. I couldn?t move an inch without someone asking me for a picture, I?m that handsome. I even made the paper !

Two weeks after Fan Fest, spring training started. It?s great getting to play some games outdoors in this great Florida weather. You can even see the water from Progress Energy Park. As someone pointed out yesterday, even the Yankees don’t enjoy such a view.

One of my favorite things about spring training is meeting all of the fans visiting from around the country. It’s great hearing the Boston fans talk. They’re wicked excited about our free pahking at Tropicana Field. Indians fans wonder if I’m related to Slider; Philly fans love reminding me that I’m no Phanatic (don’t you have a Santa to boo somewhere?); New York fans threaten me with their "no facial hair policy." It’s all in good fun.

Some of my mascot friends make the trek down to the sunshine state for some grapefruit league action. Last Sunday Wally the Green Monster and I went to Disney World. We went on Splash Mountain twice, Space Mountain once, and Wally just about lost it on the teacups.Teacups

Why am I hanging out with the ?enemy?? Actually, all of the MLB mascots are pals every day except game day. We fly out and visit our mascot friends on their birthdays, and of course we all get to party together at the All-Star game.  This year on August 20, I?m inviting five of my closest MLB mascot buddies for our first ever ?Mascot Mania!? Don?t miss it.

Well that?s all for this entry. Until next time, always remember to floss daily.



    Great blog, but you kind of got crowded out of that shot. What’s up with the twin thingamabirds on the left side of the photo?

  2. Cyn

    //What’s up with the twin thingamabirds on the left side of the photo?//

    “Twin thingamabirds”…good golly I’m laughing out loud here!

    Based on the pic, mascots seem to be a competitive bunch, eh?

  3. Raymond

    The twin thinamabirds are Nester and Houser, mascots for the Century 21 Home Run Derby. I didn’t really get crowded outof the shot, I just knew that if I was in front of everyone, no one would even look at the other mascots…I’m that handsome.

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